Trunnions with Micarta ® G-10 Designed for a Cryogenic Pipeline

April 25, 2018

Trunnions Designed For A Cryogenic Pipeline At An Lng Facility

Type: Trunnions for Cryogenic Temperatures
Size: 8″-24″ Dia. | 12″-18″ L | 6″-15″ W | 6″-40″ H
Material: Micarta® G-10 Insulation | CS | SS
Design: Cryogenic Temperatures of -320°F
Testing: MTR’s | Non Destriuctive (PMI) | Q.C.

PT&P custom designed trunnions for a cryogenic pipeline at an LNG facility in Australia. The insulated supports were fabricated with carbon steel base plates, 304L stainless steel plates and fasteners. To prevent cryogenic temperatures of -320°F from transferring to the base of the trunnion support, Micarta® G-10 was used as insulator. The trunnions were designed to support pipe sizes from 8”-24” with dimensions ranging from 12”-18” in length, 6”-15” in width and 6”-40” in height. MTR’s were provided, and non-destructive testing (PMI) was preformed, along with standard Q.C. inspection prior to shipment.

This type of support is available in pipe sizes between 1/2″ to 42″ NPS; however, PT&P can customize any size needed. The standard material for these supports are galvanized or hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel. These supports were customized with Micarta® instead of the standard high density polyurethane with vapor barrier. When ordering, specify pipe size, insulation thickness and length. See more on Figure CS-6030 from our cryogenic pipe supports section.

Piping Technology & Products and Pipe Shields have been a major international supplier of pipe shoes and pre-insulated supports for more than 10 years. Our cryogenic pipe supports comply with the following standards ANSI / ASME B31.1 & B31.3 and The Manufacturers Standardization Society SP-58, 69, & 89.

Trunnions Designed with Insulation for an LNG Facility

August 23, 2014

Trunnions Designed With Insulation For An Lng Facility

PT&P designed cryogenic trunnions with 2″ thick G-10 block insulation for an LNG facility in Australia. The trunnions are fabricated from 10″, 12″ and 24″ diameter pipe. The upper sections are fabricated from stainless steel pipe and plate while the lower sections are carbon steel. These insulated supports are designed for temperatures down to -300°F and operating loads of 4,990 lb.

Cryogenic Trunnions with Permali® Blocks Designed for Ethylene Loss Recovery Lines

May 20, 2013

Cryogenic Trunnions With Permali&Reg; Blocks Designed For Ethylene Loss Recovery Lines

PT&P designed cryogenic trunnion supports for ethylene loss recovery lines at a plant in Texas. The trunnions were fabricated from 2″ dia. stainless steel pipes and have a maximum height of 3′. They include 6″ x 6″ permali® blocks measuring 2″ thick each. The permali® block isolator is a laminated phenolic material from layers of wood impregnated under vacuum and heat with synthetic resin. The temperature range for these supports is from ambient to -300°F.