When do you use the u-bolt to guide the pipe?

November 2, 2010

U-bolts can be utilized as pipe guides when the horizontal forces are relatively small (usually 10% or less) compared with the anticipated vertical load.

U-Bolt Pipe Support Assembly
U-Bolt Pipe Support Assembly

How do I specify u-bolts for pipes?

In order to specify a u-bolt for pipes, you must provide the diameter of the pipe, the material, the tangent length, and either the load or thickness of the u-bolt rod.

Drawing of a Fig. 100 U-Bolt
Drawing of a Fig. 100 U-Bolt

What does long tangent mean for u-bolts?

Long tangent refers to the length of the straight leg portion of the u-bolt which specifies the height of the u-bolt.

Long Tangent U-Bolt for Refinery
Long Tangent U-Bolts


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