PT&P Designed and Fabricated Variable Springs for a Refinery in Texas City

July 20, 2020

Pt&Amp;P Designed And Fabricated Hanger And Base-Type Variable Springs, Constant Spring Supports, And Sway Struts For A Refinery In Texas City

Type: G-Type Variable Spring Support Assemblies
Design: Operating Loads from 3000 lb. to 4000 lb.
Movement of 1”
Material: Carbon Steel
Testing: Load & Travel Test |  Q.C. Inspection

Pictured here is a Type G variable spring hanger assembly designed for an operating load up to 4000 lb. and 1” movement. This type of support assembly is formed by welding two standard spring assemblies to the ends of a pair of channels. The Type G assembly is especially adaptable for avoiding interference in spaces where the headroom is limited. The assemblies are fabricated from carbon steel and underwent spring load tests before shipment.

How do I select a pipe hanger?

November 2, 2010

The design parameters that must be considered when selecting a pipe hanger would include operating temperature, operating load, movement, pipe material, available space, and allowable initial load requirements. Once these are known, then you can select an appropriate type of pipe hanger which could be any of the following types including rigid hangers, variable spring hangers, or constant spring hangers.

Variable Spring Hanger Installed In The Field
Variable Spring Hanger Installed in the Field

What is the maximum load variability of a variable spring hanger?

Per the MSS standards, the maximum recommended variability for a variable spring hanger is 25%. If required, you can specify a variability less than 25%.

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