Heavy Duty Yoke U-Bolt Pipe Clamps for a Continuous Catalyst Regeneration Plant

November 14, 2011

Heavy Duty Yoke U-Bolt Pipe Clamps For A Continuous Catalyst Regeneration Plant

These custom heavy duty Fig. 43 yoke u-bolt pipe clamps are designed for manifold piping in a Continuous Catalyst Regeneration plant in Mexico. The yoke clamps are for a 36″ diameter pipe size and are fabricated from A240 Grade 316 stainless steel. They are designed to support a load of 33,731 lb. and temperatures up to 1100°F. PT&P supplied a total of 16 assemblies, comprised of yoke u-bolt clamps and E-type constant springs, for this project.

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Snubbers with Yoke Clamps for a LNG Plant

May 31, 2006
Snubbers With Yoke Clamps For A Lng Plant
Snubbers with Yoke Clamps for a LNG Plant

Snubbers With Yoke Clamps For A Lng Plant

Snubbers are restraining devices. They allow free thermal movement during normal operations but restrain in abnormal circumstances such as with an earthquake. These snubbers were fabricated from carbon steel. They measure 2 1/2” x 24” and the yoke clamps have pipe sizes of 23” and 25”. Each snubber weighs 890 lb. and has a travel capacity of 24”. Designed for the support of a cryogenic line, these snubbers can handle loads of up to 2,900 lb.

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40" Diameter, Alloy Yoke Clamp

October 12, 2001
40&Quot; Diameter, Alloy Yoke Clamp
40″ Diameter, Alloy Yoke Clamp

PT&P specially designed and manufactured a heavy duty, 40-inch diameter, alloy yoke clamp (cut from a 6″ thick plate) for a Power Plant in Mississippi. The clamp was designed for a 70,000 lb load and is to support a 40″ diameter, high pressure main steam line. The u-bolt was made of a 3″ diameter bar. In order to prove the design of this clamp, Finite Element Analysis was used to simulate the loads and stresses that it may experience in the field. The model shows the stresses at every point by a color coding system.

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