Product Highlights from 2015

December 23, 2015


108&Quot; Dia. Storage Tank Heavy Duty Yoke U-Bolt Pipe Clamps F-Type Variable Spring Supports
108″ Dia. Storage Tank and Containment Tank Heavy Duty Yoke U-Bolt Pipe Clamps F-Type Spring Supports for LNG
12&Quot; Tied Universal Ej 46&Quot; Dia. Inline P.b. Ej 30&Quot; Dia. Single Tied Ej 84&Quot; Dia. Ej For Fcc Unit 20&Quot; Dia. Double Gimbal
12″ Tied Universal EJ 46″ Dia. Inline P.B. EJ 30″ Dia. Single Tied EJ 84″ Dia. EJ for FCC Unit 20″ Dia. Double Gimbal Expansion Joint
14' Long Sway Struts 54&Quot; Hot Shoes U-Type Constant Springs
14′ Long Sway Struts 54″ Hot Shoes U-Type Constant Springs
90&Quot; Dia. Duct Work For An Ammonia Plant 11' Long Fabric Ej 16&Quot; Dia. Ss Single Ej's
90″ Dia. Duct Work for an Ammonia Plant 11′ Long Fabric EJfor a Gas Turbine 16″ Dia. Stainless Steel Single EJ’s
F-Type Constant Spring Supports Ss Rollers For A Wastewater Treatment Plant 24&Quot; Hold-Down Clamps W/ Ptfe Slide Plates For A Natural Gas Plant
F-Type Constant Spring Support Assemblies SS Rollers for a Wastewater Treatment Plant 24″ Hold-down Clamps w/ PTFE Slide Plates for a Natural Gas Plant
44&Quot; Dia. Fabric Ej's For A Chemical Plant Tied Universal Ej For A Nitrogen Plant 8&Quot; Dia. Tied Universal Expansion Joints
44″ Dia. Fabric EJ’s for a Chemical Plant Tied Universal EJ for a Nitrogen Plant 8″ Dia. Tied Universal Expansion Joints
Roller Stands Designed For A 10&Quot; Dia. Pipeline Sway Struts Custom Designed For A Chemical Plant
Roller Stands Designed for a 10″ Dia. Pipeline Sway Struts Custom Designed for a Chemical Plant
136&Quot; Universal Ej For A Thermal Power Plant 10' Long Ej For A Nuclear Energy Facility Stainless Steel Universal Ej's For A Pipeline
136″ Universal EJ for a Thermal Power Plant 10′ Long EJ for a Nuclear Energy Facility Stainless Steel Universal EJ’s for a Pipeline
Insulated Supports For An Ammonia Project Pipe Hanger &Amp; Clamps For Flue-Gas Desulfurization 16&Quot; Dia. Insulated Supports For High Temperatures
Insulated Supports for an Ammonia Project Pipe Hanger & Clamps for Flue-gas Desulfurization 16″ Dia. Insulated Supports for High Temperatures
16&Quot; Dia. Tied Universal Expansion Joints 6&Quot; Single Expansion Joints 28&Quot; Dia. Gimbal Ej With Floating Rings
16″ Dia. Tied Universal Expansion Joints 6″ Single Expansion Joints 28″ Dia. Gimbal EJ with Floating Rings
C-Type Variable Spring Hangers For A Power Plant 48&Quot; Dia. Cold Shoes For Light Hydrocarbon Production Facility Compact Spring Supports For A Heat Exchanger
C-Type Variable Spring Hangers for a Power Plant 48″ Dia. Cold Shoes for Light Hydrocarbon Production Facility Compact Spring Supports for a Heat Exchanger
10&Quot; Dia. Ej For Hvac Service 75&Quot; Long Ej For A Boiler Exhaust Application 153&Quot; Fabric Ej For A Gas Turbine Facility
10″ Dia. EJ for HVAC Service 75″ Long EJ for a Boiler
Exhaust Application
153″ Fabric EJ for a Gas Turbine Facility
Variables For A Furnace Application In An Ammonia Plant 36&Quot; Dia. Cryogenic Pipe Saddles For Lng Service 42&Quot; Dia. Chrome-Moly Pipe Clamps
Variables for a Furnace Application in an Ammonia Plant 36″ Dia. Cryogenic Pipe Saddles for LNG Service 42″ Dia. Chrome-Moly Pipe Clamps
32&Quot; Dia. Externally Pres. Ej G-Type Variables 20&Quot; Dia. Inline Pressure Balanced Ej's
32″ Dia. Externally Pres. EJ G-Type Variables 20″ Dia. Inline Pressure Balanced EJ’s
F-Type Variables For A Chemical Processing Plant Constants For A Steam Methane Reformer Pipe Clamp Assembly For Partial Oxidation Unit In Synthetic Gas Plant
F-Type Variables for a Chemical Processing Plant Constants for a Steam Methane Reformer Pipe Clamp Assembly for Partial Oxidation Unit in Synthetic Gas Plant
Gimbal Ej's For A Flare Gas And Steam Application Single Ej's For A Hydrocarbon Vapor Pump
Gimbal EJ’s for a Flare Gas and Steam Application Single EJ’s for a Hydrocarbon Vapor Pump
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New Customer Portal to Track Your Jobs

May 5, 2014

Customer Portal Progress Graphs

  • View when your order was entered into the Customer Portal
  • See when it was sent to the shop
  • Look over the line item details of your order
  • Check when your order has been shipped
  • Access your carrier and tracking information
  • Download Bill of Materials and scanned shipping documents for any shipment
  • Export your information into a .CSV file
  • See the “shop progress” graphs that show which operations are completed


Preview Of The Customer Portal Interface

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PT&P Partners with University of Houston’s College of Technology

July 25, 2013

July 25, 2013, Houston, TX – In an effort to expand our community presence and help students expand their education and interests, Piping Technology & Products is excited to announce our new partnership with the University of Houston’s College of Technology. As the goal of the UH College of Technology is to provide the highest quality education in fields such as mechanical engineering, construction management, and computer engineering, so is Piping Technology’s goal to help educate people interested in these fields as a public service to the community. As online courses become the norm for many colleges these days, PT&P realized this would be the perfect way to combine our thirty five years of manufacturing experience  with the UH College of Technology’s established reputation.

This new online course is titled “Piping Design & Analysis Influence on Pipe Support Selection and Design”. The course covers the following topics: piping design and how it effects the overall configuration on preliminary piping design, initial layout, the total system, introduction to pipe stress analysis, detailed piping design, and how all of this influences pipe support and pipe hanger design. This is a self-paced course consisting of eight sections. The student will have four weeks to complete the eight sessions, which must be taken in sequential order.
This is an online course only, with no classroom meetings required.

This course is approved for 8 PDH hours for Texas Professional Engineers.

To view the syllabus: PTP-Piping-Design-Course-Syllabus.pdf

The College of Technology at the University of Houston was established over seventy years ago and offers numerous fully accredited undergraduate courses and masters’ degrees through three departments: Engineering Technology, Human Development and Consumer Sciences, Information and Logistics Technology.

Piping Technology & Products, Inc. is headquartered in Houston, TX and began business in 1978. PT&P and its wholly owned subsidiaries (U.S. Bellows, Inc., Sweco Fab, Inc., Pipe Shields, Inc., and Fronek Anchor/Darling Enterprises, Inc.) offer a wide range of engineered products and services for various industries and applications.


NOTE: this course is not available at the moment. We are revising it to include a part II on expansion joints.

topics:Piping design the effects on overall configuration
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Giveaway Winner

October 26, 2012

We had a great turnout for our U.S. Bellows Expansion Joint In-Depth Webinar on October 24th. We are proud to announce the winner of our drawing for the EJMA Standards Ninth edition is George. Be on the lookout for our next giveaway!

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