Bonding Strength Testing for Low Temperature Application Adhesive

January 6, 1993
Bonding Strength Testing For Low Temperature Application Adhesive
Bonding Strength Testing for Low Temperature Application Adhesive

In the picture above, a test of the bonding strength of an adhesive designed for low temperature applications is being conducted. Polyurethane strips have been bonded to metal strips which are pulled apart in a load cell which measures the force applied.

Polyurethane is often specified for components of insulated pipe shoes and supports for cold temperature applications. Polyurethane provides both insulation and load carrying capacity for pipes when it is bonded to a metal pipe shoe or support. Piping Technology & Products, Inc. fabricates all types of insulated pipe supports. The type of insulation specified depends on the temperature profile the pipe will experience and the loads and movement at the point of application.

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Cryogenic Pipe Supports with Micarta® G-10 for an LNG Facility in Australia

April 16, 2018

Cryogenic Pipe Supports With Micarta® G-10 For An Lng Facility In Australia

Type: Cryogenic Pipe Supports
Size: Pipe Size of 1” to 36”
Material: LTCS Material Tops, Stainless Steel, & Micarta® G-10 Insulation
Design: -50°F
Testing: PMI

Piping Technology and Products supplied these cryogenic and axial stop cold shoes for an LNG facility in Australia. The cryogenic pipe supports were fabricated with LTCS material tops, stainless steel and Micarta® G-10 insulation blocks. They were a wide range of lengths from pipe size of 1” to 36”. The cryogenic temperatures are low as -50°F. A special paint system was used for the carbon steel components to resist rust. PMI testing was performed on the stainless parts prior to the 4-6 week shipping.

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