Custom Designed Big Ton Spring Supports for a Propane Dehydrogenation Application in Texas

November 20, 2017

Custom Designed Big Ton Spring Supports For A Propane Dehydrogenation Application In Texas

Type: Big Ton Spring Supports
Size: 42″ x 24″ x 26 1/2″
Material: Carbon Steel
Design: 94,261 lb. Load & 0.085” Movement
Testing: Standard Load Tests

PT&P custom designed big ton spring supports for a propane dehydrogenation application at a chemical plant in Texas. The components within this assembly include the spring housing, coils, name plates, pressure plate, and load indicator. While both assemblies measure 42” L x 24” W x 26-1/2” H, it was modified based on independent specifications for operating loads and movement to accommodate a load of 94,261 lb. and 0.085” of movement. This type of support is ideal for applications, such as supporting pressure vessels that combine very heavy loads with thermal expansion because of the stability they provide. The big ton was tested in the load cell to insure proper operation throughout the entire working range of the coils.