48″ Guided Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports for High Temperatures

June 24, 2009
48&Quot; Guided Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports For High Temperatures
48" Guided Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports for High Temperatures

Pipe Shields, Inc., a subsidiary of Piping Technology & Products, Inc., designed these pre-insulated supports for a pipe size of 48″. The clamp and base are fabricated from carbon steel that includes a hot dipped galvanized finish. The 4″ thick insulation is a high density calcium silicate. These guided supports allow for a maximum axial travel of plus or minus 4 1/2″ and have a vertical load rating of 7,100 lb. The operating temperature of the pipe may exceed 1,200ºF, therefore the hot shoes are designed for 1,700ºF. These heavy duty base mounted pipe supports are specially designed to be installed on four emergency diesel exhaust mufflers in a hospital.

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48″ I.D. ASME Code Process Vessel

June 10, 2009


48&Quot; I.d. Asme Code Process Vessel
48" I.D. ASME Code Process Vessel
48&Quot; I.d. Asme Code Process Vessel
48" I.D. ASME Code Process Vessel

This process vessel has an inside diameter of 48″ and measures 60″ tangent to tangent. The overall height of this vessel is 81″, and measures 120″ including the legs. It is fabricated from 1/2″ 516-70 carbon steel material. This vessel is designed and fabricated according to ASME Section VIII Div 1 codes. It has a capacity of 500 gallons with an internal design pressure of 50 PSIG. The maximum acceptable working pressure is 178 PSIG. This process vessel was heat treated for stress corrosion resistance in the field and 100% x-ray tested and hydro-tested at 231 PSIG prior to being shipped to the customer. This vessel was designed for the customer as a replacement vessel for one in the field that had already provided 20 years of service in a mildly corrosive environment.

Sweco Fab, Inc. worked with the customer to provide a vessel that was even more efficient than the previous one by including 1/8″ thicker walls, an additional 12″ between tangents, heat treatment, an internal drip plate, and an OSHA compliant ladder and platform.

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