Custom Designed Variable Spring Supports with Stainless Steel Slide Plates

June 20, 2011

Custom Designed Variable Spring Supports With Stainless Steel Slide Plates

Custom Designed Variable Spring Supports With Stainless Steel Slide Plates

This custom designed variable spring assembly is comprised of a standard PTP-1-160 type F variable spring with a supplementary extension and load flange with a stainless steel slide plate. The variable is fabricated entirely from carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanize finish. The extension is schedule 40 pipe, 8″ in diameter and 12-5/16″ in height. The slide plate is fabricated from A240 grade stainless steel and is welded to the top of the load flange. This support will be used underneath a 16″ diameter pipe with a dummy leg. It is designed for 1/16″ vertical travel and 1/8″ horizontal travel for an oil refinery in Algeria.

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Custom Designed Pipe Clamp-Guides for an LNG facility in Algeria

June 6, 2011

Custom Designed Pipe Clamp-Guides For An Lng Facility

These pipe clamp-guides were custom designed and fabricated for a 4″ pipe vertical run in an LNG facility. They measure 16″ from the bottom of the W-beam to the centerline of pipe and designed for temperatures up to 750°F. The clamp-guides were fabricated from carbon steel and include a hot-dipped galvanize finish.

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