Variable Spring Hangers for an Upstream and Valve Project in Thailand

February 19, 2016

Variable Spring Hangers Designed For An Upstream And Valve Project In Thailand

PT&P designed and manufactured these variable spring hanger assemblies for an upstream and valve project in Thailand. The variables clamp sizes range from 6″ to 12″ diameter with installed heights ranging from 6-8/8″ to 12-1/4″ from the structure to the center of the pipe. The B-Type pipe hanger assembly uses coil springs to support the load and allow for some movement. They are furnished with one lug welded to the top of the spring casing which allows the assembly to be suspended from structural members for pipe support. All forty-seven variable spring supports were quality checked with a 100% spring coil deflection test and a load cell calibration to set the assemblies at the prescribed installed load.

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February 11, 2016

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Variables11 E1392156710205Variable Spring Support Design, Size Selection, Installation & Maintenance Webinar

This Webinar will focus on the different types of variable spring supports and big ton variable spring supports. Learn about the special features available, in addition to the design of a variable support. View how the different coil configurations produce a unique response to an applied load and see how a spring assembly is loaded. Discover the basic steps in selecting a hanger design and the step by step process used to size a spring for your application. Learn about the different attachments, testing, and installation and maintenance procedures. View examples of failed supports provided by our Field Service Division and learn why they failed and how to prevent it. Gain knowledge of the valuable tips used when deciding to replace or re-calibrate a variable spring support, as well as adjustments, shutdown and isolation procedures.


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Big Ton Spring Supports Designed for an LNG Facility in Australia

February 8, 2016

Big Ton Spring Supports Designed For An Lng Facility In Australia

These big ton variable spring assemblies were custom designed for an LNG plant in Western Australia. They are specially designed with PTFE, 25% glass filled slide plates, and will be used under horizontal pressure vessel saddle supports. The big tons were selected due to a combination of heavy loads and thermal expansion. The units measure 30″ x 30″ and are capable of supporting a load up to 95,000 lb. with down travel of 2 to 5mm vertical.

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