Fabricated Duct Work Transition Pieces for Polyethylene Dust in a Chemical Plant

March 30, 2020


Fabricated Duct Work Transition Pieces for Polyethylene Dust in a Chemical Plant

Type: Duct Work Transition Pieces
Size: 10” NPS | 15″ Length | 13-1/2″ SQ Flange End
Material: Carbon Steel  | 3-Coat Paint System
Test: QC Inspections | 100% Dye-Penetrant Exam

Sweco Fab., a division of PT&P custom designed multiple duct work transition pieces for polyethylene dust at a chemical plant in Louisiana. The units are fabricated from carbon steel and include a 3- coat paint system on the outside, with a light grey finish. The dimensions are 15” length, 13-1/2” SQ flange end, and 10” NPS at the other end. Transition pieces are normally used to join duct work of dissimilar cross-sections and sizes. Media passing through the transition piece can be air, liquid, gasses, dust, dirt, chemicals, etc. Prior to shipment, each of the units underwent quality control inspections including 100% dye-penetrant examination.

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Cold Insulated Supports at a Chemical Plant in Texas

March 24, 2020


A6000U Series Insulated Supports for Cold Temperature Piping at a Chemical Plant in Texas

Type: Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports | Cold-Temperature
Size: 1/2″ -3″ Pipe Sizes | 4″ Thick Insulation
Material: Polyurethane Insulation | HDG CS Jackets
Testing: Q.C. Inspection & Tests

Pipe Shields, a division of PT&P, custom-designed multiple A6000U series insulated supports for a chemical plant in Texas for cold temperature piping. The cold pre-insulated shoes are fabricated from carbon steel with galvanized jackets, polyurethane foam insulation (PUF) and a vapor barrier. They are designed for pipe sizes ranging from 1/2” to 3” with insulation up to 4” thick. Standard quality control tests were performed prior to shipment.  Learn more about our pre-insulated supports and place your order with us today!

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Custom Sway Braces Designed for Coker Units

March 9, 2020


Sway Braces Custom Designed for Coker Units at an Oil Refinery in the Virgin Islands


Type: Custom Sway Braces with Ball Joints
Material: A36 Carbon Steel | Hot-dipped Galvanized
Testing: Standard Load Testing & Q.C. Inspection

PT&P custom-designed sway braces on an urgent basis to replace existing sway braces at an oil refinery in the Virgin Islands. These sway braces will be used in coker units that have long displacements. They are fabricated with ball joints at both ends due to the “banana effect”. The casing, pipe, coils, threaded rods, turnbuckle, ball joints, etc. are all fabricated from carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanized finish.

The maximum loads, spring rates and movements for the sway braces are as follows:

Max Load (lb) Spring Rate (lb/in) Max Movement (+ / – in)
2475 90 10″
3800 267 3-3/4″
3480 120 9″
2500 200 2″

Learn more about our sway brace products and place an order with us today!

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