Variable Spring & Graphite Slide Plate Assemblies Custom Designed for Gasoline Production in Dubai

September 21, 2013

Variable Spring &Amp; Graphite Slide Plate Assemblies Custom Designed For Gasoline Production In Dubai
In eight weeks, PT&P provided a gasoline production plant in Dubai with two custom designed variable assemblies. Each assembly includes load columns, four variable spring cans, four channels, 12 plates, nine graphite slide plates and a custom designed frame. The frame allows the variable springs to work in unison to support large pipe trunnions. The top plates measure 45″ in width and 25″ in height. The variables are designed for an operating temperature of 750°F and an operating load of 3,150 lb. The assemblies are capable of 1/8″ upward movement and 1/6″ downward movement. A load test was conducted prior to shipment.

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112 Variable Spring Supports for a Furnace Application

September 9, 2013

112 Variable Spring Supports For A Furnace Application

PT&P designed and fabricated 112 variable spring supports for a furnace application at an oil refinery in California. The spring cans are fabricated from carbon steel, vary from 36″ to 54″ in height and designed to operate at 400°F. The furnace cans are designed for operating loads ranging from 180 lb. to 1,400 lb. and movements from 1″ to 5″. The customer specified a custom paint system of two part iron oxide blue finish for the cans to comply with refinery conditions. Load tests were performed on the assemblies prior to shipment to determine the operating load and variability.

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