Sway Braces for Petroleum Company in Louisiana

December 14, 2001
Sway Braces For Petroleum Company In Louisiana
Sway Braces for Petroleum Company in Louisiana

Piping Technology & Products, Inc. specially designed and fabricated ten sway braces, with total travel distance of 14, for a petroleum company in Louisiana.

The standard PT&P braces have springs that allow 3 of total travel distance. These sway braces were custom designed to provide total travel distance of 5 and 14. The center-to-center dimensions ranged from 92¼” to 115″ with internal supports to prevent buckling. The desired spring rates for the sway braces were 450 lb./in. and 1350 lb./in. The custom sway brace assemblies comprised of pipes (for spring housing), springs (sizes dependent on spring rate and total travel) and in some cases, ball joints.

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