Variable Spring Supports Custom Designed for a Furnace Application in an Ammonia Plant

July 28, 2014

Variable Spring Supports Custom Designed For A Furnace Application In An Ammonia Plant

PT&P custom designed variable spring supports for catalyst tubes in a furnace for an ammonia plant in Canada. The furnace springs are fabricated from carbon steel and painted with a red-oxide primer to help prevent corrosion. This project required special coils that were within +/- 5% of the calculated spring rate. Over 245 springs underwent calibration test prior to shipment. PT&P has been supplying furnace springs for over 25 years and can customize them to meet your specifications.

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Bolt Cradle Supports with Slide Plates Designed for a Combined Cycle Facility

July 14, 2014

Bolt Cradle Supports With Slide Plates Designed For A Combined Cycle Facility

PT&P custom designed Fig. 900 bolt cradle supports with slide plates in 3 weeks for a combined cycle facility in Virginia. The supports are fabricated from carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanized finish. They are 20″ long and range from 1’2-3/8″ to 1’6-7/8″ in height. The cradle supports are designed for an operating temperature range from 300°F to 530°F and are capable of supporting loads ranging from 1,340 lb. to 3,774 lb. with 0.05″ to 3.33″ of axial movement.

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