G-Type Variable Spring Supports Designed for a Chemical Plant

September 20, 2014

G-Type Variable Spring Supports Designed For A Chemical Plant

PT&P designed G-Type variable spring supports for a chemical plant in Texas. The variables are comprised of two standard spring housing joined together with an intermediate bridge assembly. The bridge assembly is customized to match existing site conditions which allows for use in applications with limited space or interferences. The variables are fabricated from carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanized finish. The assemblies were designed for a total operating load of 23,522 lb. with a downward design travel of 3/8″. Each assembly underwent a standard load test prior to shipment.

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Hydraulic Snubbers Designed for an LNG Facility in Texas

September 6, 2014

Hydraulic Snubbers Designed For An Lng Facility In Texas

Fronek Anchor/Darling Enterprises, a division of PT&P, designed snubbers for a LNG facility in Texas. These Fig. 511 AD hydraulic snubbers range in size from 76″ – 85″ piston-to-piston and are fabricated from carbon steel. They are designed for a maximum load of 32,000 lb., 6″ stroke and have a 4″ diameter cylinder. Hydraulic snubbers are designed to protect the piping system when a sudden, heavy load is applied (such as an earthquake of high intensity), which can cause serious vibrations leading to damage and possible failure of the piping system. A cycle test throughout the full stroke from zero to fully extended was performed prior to shipment

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