Spring Loading Procedure

April 20, 2011

We just posted a new video that discusses our spring loading procedure of standard variable springs. Watch our field service representative talk you through the process of loading a variable spring before it is shipped.

Spring Loading Video
Spring Loading Procedure Video
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Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports with 12" Thick Insulation Designed for a 49" High Temperature Line

April 18, 2011

Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports With 12&Quot; Thick Insulation Designed For A 49&Quot; High Temperature Line

PT&P fabricated pre-insulated pipe supports from galvanized carbon steel designed for a 49″ diameter pipe and temperatures in excess of 1600°F. The insulation is 12″ thick and composed of lime, silica and reinforcing fibers. This type of insulation features exceptional strength and extremely low water absorption. It is essentially dust-free, contains no asbestos and is a very good material for structural insulation inserts. This “hot shoe” will be used in a cat cracker unit at a refinery in Alabama.

Want to learn more about pre-insulated supports? View a recording of a past webinar now!

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Constant Spring Supports Designed with Special Lugs for Connecting to a Trolley

April 4, 2011

Constant Spring Supports Designed With Special Lugs For Connecting To A Trolley

These PT&P 200 series constants are fabricated from A36 carbon steel. The 200-A constants measure 18.5″w x 20″H x 65″L and will support a 22,200 lb. load. They are modified to avoid interference with the structure by shortening the frame. The 200-C constants measure 18.5″w x 29″H x 80″L and will support a 32,000 lb. load. The constants have specially fabricated lugs to allow for a 3 ton trolley to connect with it.

Do you have a need for constants in a current or upcoming project? Let us price them for you! Access-Our-Webinar-Archives

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