Big Ton Spring Supports Designed for an Oil Refinery in Australia

May 29, 2018

Big Ton Spring Supports Designed For An Oil Refinery In Australia

Type: Big Ton Spring Supports
Material: A36 carbon steel | Hot-dipped Galvanized | SS Slide Plates
Design: 16,276 lb. Ld. | 0.196″ Up Travel

The big ton spring support is used for supporting large heavy units such as compressors, vessels and pumps in power and petrochemical plants. The housing and frame are fabricated from carbon steel and the spring coils are coated in neoprene. Polished stainless steel slide plates are added to the top of the load flange, which reduces the coefficient of friction to allow for lateral movement. This big ton spring support is designed to allow limited movement of 0.196″ upwards, with an operating load of 16,276 lb. This big ton spring enabled the client to reduce engineering man hours by avoiding the redesign of the piping system due to limited space requirement.

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