Cold Shoes and Hot Shoes Designed for an Ammonia Project

June 27, 2023

Insulated Pipe Supports Designed For Cryogenic And High Temperature Pipe Systems For An Ammonia Project

PT&P custom designed 98 insulated pipe supports for an ammonia project at a chemical plant in Louisiana. The supports were designed for both cryogenic and high-temperature pipe systems, with an 8" to 22" baseplate width and a 10" to 28" saddle length. They were designed for pipe diameters of 6"-24" and are composed of polyurethane foam for cryogenic and high-density calcium silicate insulation for high temperatures. Standard Q.C. and dimensional tests were performed prior to shipment.

This project was a combination of upgrading a current anhydrous ammonia plant and adding new capacity to the facility. We worked with the EPC, on-site contractors, and operators to ensure specifications and delivery deadlines were met over a three-year period during project construction. In addition to the insulated supports discussed here, we designed, manufactured, and shipped bellmouth reducers, metallic expansion joints, pipe shoe guides and anchors, pipe hanger hardware, slide plates, snubbers, sway braces, struts, and variable spring supports.


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Compact Springs Designed for an Oil Refinery Expansion Project

June 13, 2023

Compact Springs Designed For An Oil Refinery Expansion Project

Type: Compact Spring Supports (Disc Springs)
Material: Carbon Steel | PTFE, 25% Glass-Filled
Design: Movement: 1/32″ to 1/4″ | Load: 12,000 lb.
Testing: Standard Spring Rate & Calibration Tests

These compact spring supports were custom designed for an oil refinery expansion project. They will be installed underneath a heat exchanger supporting a load of up to 12,000 lb. The space available was limited to 3" for the installed height, and the movements ranged from 1/32" to 1/4". These units are the perfect solution for tight spaces where the distance between the supporting steel and the equipment/pipeline is extremely limited. These compact springs are fabricated from carbon steel and utilize engineered Belleville (disc spring) washers to achieve the desired spring rate. 25% glass-filled (PTFE) slide plates are bonded to the top of the load flange and provide a low coefficient of friction in order to adjust the spring’s height.

Here at Piping Technology and Products, we manufacture a wide range of variable spring supports along with constant spring supports. Our experience and know-how have helped to facilitate designs to incorporate site conditions where no conventional support is available.


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