Clamp-On Pipe Shoe Assemblies Were Custom Designed For A Gold Mine Project

April 30, 2012

Clamp-On Pipe Shoe Assemblies Were Custom Designed For A Gold Mine Project

These fabricated clamp-on pipe shoe assemblies were custom designed for a gold mine project in the Dominican Republic. They are composed of a clamp-on pipe shoe subassembly combined with a carbon steel pipe extension. A total of nineteen pipe shoes were fabricated for 3″, 4″ and 6″ diameter pipes. The extensions were designed at various heights to position the pipe line at the correct elevation for a sloping line. When a design includes a closed off section, PT&P’s standard is to incorporated vent holes in order to prevent moisture build-up. They are painted with a two-coat paint system to protect against corrosion and include stainless steel tags to easily identify the product code.

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Pipe Shoes Designed for Main Steam Piping in a Gold Mine Project

April 16, 2012

Custom Designed Pipe Shoes

These custom designed pipe shoes were fabricated for main steam piping in a gold mine project. A total of forty-three pipe shoes ranging in size from 20″ to 36″ diameter were designed for temperatures up to 650°F. The shoes ranged in length from 17″ to 24″, width from 20″ to 32″ and height from 3″ to 7″. They are manufactured from carbon steel and have a two-coat paint system to protect against corrosion.

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Pipe Clamp Design, Application & Installation Webinar

April 5, 2012

This Webinar is over… view the recording at

** Webinar is worth 1 PDH Credit for TX Professional Engineers

Pipe Clamp Webinar V28

This presentation will cover Pipe Clamps, including Hold-Down Clamps, Riser Clamps, Clevis Hangers, Yoke U-Bolt Clamps and Structural Supports. Learn how the appropriate type of pipe support is chosen based on the different design conditions. Find out how Finite Element Analysis is used in the design process and view the custom pipe supports designed for extreme applications.


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251 Variable Furnace Springs for a Chemical Plant in Virginia

April 2, 2012

Variable Furnace Springs

Close-Up Of Furnace Variable Spring251 variable furnace springs were designed and fabricated for fertilizer production at a chemical plant in Virginia. The furnace cans are carbon steel and painted with red-oxide primer to avoid any potential hazards where exposed to high temperatures. This project included figures: PTP-1-120, PTP-2-150, PTP-2-180, PTP-4-100 and PTP-4-200 variable furnace springs with operating loads ranging from 1,042 lb. to 15,512 lb. A load test on all variable springs was conducted prior to shipment.

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