Happy New Year from PT&P

December 30, 2019

Piping Technology & Products would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Hear what some of our employee’s New Years Resolutions are for 2020!

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240 Type-C Furnace Springs Supplied to Indonesia

December 16, 2019


240 Custom Designed Type-C Furnace Springs For A Furnace Application In Indonesia

Type: Variable Spring Supports
Size: 95-1/16” Overall Length
Material: A36 Carbon Steel
Design:  2,033 lb. Load | 225 lb./in Spring Rate
Testing: Load and Travel Tests

PT&P custom designed 240 of these Type-C furnace springs for a customer in Indonesia. The assemblies are completely fabricated from A36 carbon steel with a red oxide primer finish. The completed spring hanger assemblies are 95-1/16” overall length. They are designed for an operating load of 2,033 lbs and have a spring rate of 225 lbs./in. To ensure quality the furnace springs had a spring load test report and a spring calibration test to ensure spring rate shall not deviate more than +/- 5% from catalog value.

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