F-Type Variable Springs with Rollers

February 17, 2020


F-Type Variable Spring Support & Pipe Roller Assemblies Designed for a Fabrication Company in Texas

Type: Variable Springs w/ Rollers
Size: Springs: 11.1/16″ H | Rollers: 24″ -36″ Dia.
Design: 700-15,970 lb. Loads | 650°F Temp.
Material: HDG Carbon Steel | Cast-iron
Testing: Standard Load Testing & Q.C. Inspection

PT&P designed and fabricated custom F-type variable springs with rollers for a fabrication company in Texas. The variables are fabricated from carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanized coating. They include a cast-iron roller bolted to the top of the load flange. These variables are 11-1/16” in height with weights up to 86 lb. The roller stands are designed for pipe sizes ranging from 24″ to 36″ in diameter. They are designed for an operating temperature of 650°F and are capable of supporting loads that range from 700 lb. to 15,970 lb. There are special features like the load flange, bottom flange, and the springs that are loaded with a preset load. Standard spring test and Q.C. inspections were conducted prior to shipment.

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High Temperature Pre-Insulated Sliding Pipe Shoes

February 3, 2020


Pre-Insulated Sliding Pipe Shoes Designed with FRP Lining and Firetemp® Insulation for High-Temperature Pipelines

Type: Pre-Insulated Sliding Pipe Shoe | High-Temperatures
Size: 15″ Long | 4″ B.O.P. | 1-1/2″ – 3″ Dia.
Material: Firetemp® Insulation | HDG CS | SS on Polyethylene
Testing: Q.C. Inspection & Tests

PT&P custom designed pre-insulated sliding pipe shoes with FRP lining for high-temperature pipelines in Ohio. The “hot shoes” are 15” long, range in diameter from 1-1/2” to 3” and are designed for a B.O.P. of 4”. The shoes are designed with Firetemp® insulation for temperatures up to 1800°F. The supports are fabricated from carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanized finish and include stainless on polyethylene slide plates. A visual inspection was performed prior to shipping.

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