Graphite Slide Plates Ranging in Size from 4″ to 10″

July 29, 2019



Graphite Slide Plates For An Technology And Engineering Company In North Carolina

Type: Graphite Slide Plates
Size: 4”-10” Length | 4”-10″ Width
Material: Graphite Sheets | Carbon Steel
Design: 2000 PSI Operating Pressure

PT&P manufactured multiple graphite slide plates for a technology and engineering company in North Carolina. The materials for these slide plates are made of graphite sheets with carbon steel backing pads. The dimensions range in length 4”-10” and width 4”-10” with an soperating pressure of 2000 PSI. All carbon steel plates will be galvanized. The graphite pad will then be bonded to carbon steel backing plates with a ¾ lip.

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Personnel Protection Shields Designed for a Power Plant

July 8, 2019


Personnel Protection Shields Designed For A Power Plant

Type: Personnel Protection Shields
Size: 8″ Dia. | Up to 36″ Lengths
Material: Galvanized Carbon Steel
Design: 1050°F Operating Temperature

PT&P custom designed these personnel protection shields for a power plant in Wyoming. The personnel protection shields are used when insulating the line is not necessary, but operating temperatures require safeguarding personnel from coming into contact with the pipe. These shields are designed for an 8” diameter pipe operating at 1050°F. They are fabricated from carbon steel and range in lengths up to 36”.

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Variable Spring Supports Designed for a Highly Corrosive Environment in Peru

July 1, 2019


Variable Spring Supports Designed For A Highly Corrosive Environment In Peru

Type: Variable Spring Supports w/ PTFE Slide Plates
Size: PTP-4 | 9.5″ – 11.5″ Height
Design: 1/8″ Upward & 3/16″ Downward Travel
Material: HDG Carbon Steel | Gloss Aliphatic Polyurethane Topcoat | PTFE, 25% Glass Filled Slide Plates
Testing: Standard Load Testing & Q.C. Inspection

Piping Technology & Products, Inc. recently designed and fabricated F-type variable spring supports for a plant in Peru. The variables are fabricated from carbon steel, hot-dipped galvanized and a gloss aliphatic polyurethane topcoat was applied for corrosion protection. PTFE, 25% glass filled, slide plates are bonded to the top of the load flange to reduce the friction caused by lateral movement. The variables range from 9.5″ to 11.5″ in height and are designed for a travel range of 1/8″ upward to 3/16″ downward. To ensure quality, standard load testing was performed prior to shipping.

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