PT&P Variable Spring Supports

January 10, 2017

Learn more about the variable springs constructed at Piping Tech.


Learn more about the various types of variable spring supports made at Piping Tech, ranging from F-Type, G-Type, springs for furnace applications and much more.

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Variable Spring Hangers Designed for an Ammonia Plant

January 9, 2017

Variable Spring Hangers Designed For An Ammonia Plant

Type: B-Type Variable Spring Hanger
Size: PTP-2 Standard Variable Spring
Material: Hot-dipped Galvanized Carbon Steel
Design: 0.955″ Downward Movement | Cold Load: 12,183 lb. | Hot Load: 14,723 lb.
Testing: Hydro-load Test: 15,750 lb.

PT&P designed and fabricated variable spring hangers for an Ammonia Plant in Louisiana. This B-Type PTP-2 variable hanger is fabricated from carbon steel and hot-dipped galvanized to protect against corrosion. The variable is designed for 0.955″ of downward movement and an installed load of 12,183 and an operating load of 14,723 lb. This variable included a 1″ forged steel clevis and the assembly was tested at a hydro-load of 15,750 lb.

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