Closure Flange Support Hinges for Supporting Medium to Heavy Duty Blind Flanges

January 28, 2019
Permanent And Removable Hinges For Supporting A Medium To Heavy Duty Blind Flange
Closure Flange Support Hinges for Supporting Medium to Heavy Duty Blind Flanges

Presently, blind flanges are used to provide an airtight cover to various piping systems that include pipelines in the oil industry, heat exchangers, ships, tanks, etc.

Routine maintenance requires the heavy duty blind flange to be removed for cleaning and repairs. However, for these types of flanges, it is quite difficult to disassemble, clean and repair. It typically requires employing a forklift, crane, or other lifting devices. This can require excessive man-hours, and the alignment of the flanges can remain unpredictable.

PT&P introduced a closure flange hinge with specially designed self‐locking bolts and two self-lubricated hinge studs to support the blind flange when all the fastening bolts are removed for maintenance or replacement. The blind flange can be opened like a “door” with little effort. Our product opens up to 180 degrees, providing full accessibility to work on the pipeline, heat exchanger, or other equipment.

To solve the issues, PT&P invented two versions of closure flange hinges for blind flanges: temporary / removable hinge and permanent / fixed hinge

Portable Hinges Project Amount   Portable Hinge Close Up

PT&P recently designed 159 permanent and removable hinges for up to 72″ diameters, We can accommodate for larger sizes upon request.

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Personnel Protection Shields, Designed and Fabricated by PT&P for a Local Refinery

January 14, 2019

Personnel Protection Shields, Designed And Fabricated By Pt&Amp;P For A Local Refinery

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Type: Personnel Protection Shields
Size: 11″ Dia. | Up to 48″ Lengths
Material: Carbon Steel | 2-Coat Paint System
Design: Operating Temps. Require Safeguarding Personnel

PT&P custom designed, fabricated and provided installation oversight for sixty-five personnel protection shields for a refinery in Texas. The personnel protection shields are used when insulating the line is not necessary, but operating temperatures require safeguarding personnel from coming into contact with the pipe. These shields are fabricated from carbon steel with a two-coat paint system. They are 11” diameter, and range in lengths up to 48”.

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