F-Type Variable Spring Supports Designed for a Chemical Processing Plant

May 23, 2015

F-Type Variable Spring Supports Designed For A Chemical Processing

PT&P manufactured F-type variable spring supports for a chemical processing plant in Texas. The variables are designed with an internal guide and for a movement of 0.09″. They are designed for a 5,350 lb. cold load and 5,450 lb. hot load. Because these springs had to be capable of withstanding a hydro-test in excess of 33,000 lb. (which substantially exceeded the standard maximum hydro-test of 18,000 lb.), special collars were used in conjunction with the standard travel stops. These collars are designed to absorb the large hydro load by relying on the high strength characteristics of the load flange and housing components of the assembly while essentially bypassing the threaded internal components.

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Constant Spring Supports Designed for a Steam Methane Reformer

May 10, 2015

Constant Spring Supports Designed For A Steam Methane Reformer
PT&P manufactured Fig. PTP 100-E constant spring supports for a steam methane reformer plant project in Thailand. The constant springs are designed for a pipe operating temperature from 650°F to 1250°F and an operating load of 3,355 lb. with a movement of 13″ upward. The constants are fabricated from carbon steel and painted with an epoxy for high temperatures. Standard load and travel test were completed prior to shipment.

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