Custom Manifolds Designed for a Polyethylene Facility

October 29, 2019


Custom Manifolds with Globe and Gate Valves Designed for a Polyethylene Facility

Type: Custom Manifolds with Globe and Gate Valves
Size: 72” Height | 1″ x 1-1/2″ | 1″ x 2”
Material: SA-105 | SA-106B | SA-36
Testing: 100% Dimensional | Inspection Q.C. Inspection
NDE(RT,PT) Hardness | Hydro-test @ 430 PSIG

PT&P supplied 41 custom manifolds with globe and gate valves to a manufacturing complex in La Porte, Texas. The manifolds were installed in a hot water tracing supply and return system at a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) facility. Each manifold was welded to the exact specifications listed on the production drawing developed. The body was fabricated from 2” and 1” seamless XS pipe. The ports were FNPT and flange connection for field installation. All Manifolds were supplied with welded brackets and vertical support stands. The material used for the valves and flanges were SA-105, pipe SA -106B, and the supports are manufactured from SA-36. The overall height is 72″, and the dimensions are 1″ branches x 1-1/2″ run line and 1″ branches x 2″ run line. Inspection and Q.C. tests were performed by an internal and TPI team including 100 % dimensional inspection, NDE(RT,PT), hardness, and hydro-test at 430 PSIG.

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Custom Designed Pipe Shoes for a Facility in Louisiana

October 7, 2019


Custom Designed Pipe Shoes for a Facility in Louisiana

Type: Pipe Shoes
Size: 20” x 20”x 12”
Material: A 516 Gr. 20 Carbon Steel | 304 Stainless Steel
Testing: Standard Q.C. Inspection

PT&P custom designed and fabricated multiple pipe shoes for a general industrial contractor in Louisiana. The shoes are fabricated utilizing low temperature carbon steel A 516 Gr. 20, and the clamps are 304 stainless steel. The pipe shoes provide rigid support to the pipeline in all directions perpendicular to the pipe while allowing axial movement. The dimensions are 20” x 20”x 12”. A standard Q.C. inspection was performed prior to shipment.

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