282 Instrument Supports Designed for a Six-Drum Coker Unit

October 26, 2013

282 Instrument Supports Designed For A Six-Drum Coker Unit

PT&P designed and manufactured 282 instrument supports to support a six-drum Coker unit in a refinery in Indiana. Some of the assemblies are designed to be bolted by anchor bolts while others are designed to be welded. The supports are fabricated from hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel and measure 11″ – 61″ in height and 5″ – 28″ in width.

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Sway Strut and Pipe Clamp Assemblies Designed for a Natural Gas Facility in Canada

October 18, 2013

Sway Strut And Pipe Clamp Assemblies Designed For A Natural Gas Facility In Canada

PT&P designed sway strut and pipe clamp assemblies for a pipeline at a natural gas facility located in Canada. The sway struts are 87-1/2″ in length and the clamps are designed for pipes ranging from 6″ to 42″ in diameter. The assemblies are designed for operating loads ranging between 3,300 lb. to 20,000 lb., with an operating temperature of 392°F and 9mm -20mm of allocated vertical movement. A load test was performed on the assemblies prior to shipment.

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