81 Pipe Shoes Designed for a Solar Power Plant in California

August 24, 2013

81 Pipe Shoes Designed For A Solar Power Plant In California

PT&P designed and manufactured eighty one custom pipe shoes for a solar power plant in California. The shoes will support heat transfer in fluid pipes at the facility. They consist of 3/8″ stainless steel slide plates and microtherm insulation. The shoes measure 10″ wide, 10″ height, and 18″ in length with a 750°F operating temperature. The assemblies have a vertical operating load of 10,000 lb. with 2″- 3″ of axial movement.

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100-B Type Constant Spring Supports Designed with Double Transverse Lugs for a Refinery in Mexico

August 16, 2013

100-B Type Constant Spring Supports Designed With Double Transverse Lugs For A Refinery In Mexico

These 100-B Type vertical constant spring supports were designed with double transverse lugs for a refinery in Mexico. The constants were fabricated from A-36 carbon steel and they range in size from 23-1/4″ to 26-5/8″ in height, 50″ to 78″ in length and 18-3/8″ to 18-3/4″ in width. They are designed for operating loads ranging from 8,000 – 27,000 lb. and upward movements ranging from 3″ to 7″. The double transverse lugs allow the entire constant to swivel with the rod. Standard load and travel tests were performed prior to shipment.

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F-Type and C-Type Variable Spring Supports for an Acid Plant in Canada

August 4, 2013

F-Type And C-Type Variable Spring Supports For An Acid Plant In Canada

PT&P designed and fabricated F-type and C-type variable spring supports for an acid plant in Canada. The variables range from 4″-8″ in diameter and can accommodate between .039″– 5.02″ in movement. They are designed for an operating temperature of 200°F and operating loads between 509 lb. and 13,489 lb. The variable springs are coated with a red oxide coating to protect against corrosion and underwent standard and load travel tests prior to shipment.

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