U-Type Constant Spring Supports Designed for an LNG Plant in Canada

May 28, 2024

U-Type Constant Spring Supports Designed For An Lng Plant In Canada

PT&P designed U-Type constant spring supports for an LNG plant in Canada. These are horizontal constants designed to support piping from below where the base plate is bolted directly to the top of the steel or the foundation using anchor bolts. These specific constant springs are designed to support an operating load of 67,420 lb. with 6″ of total upward travel. The constants are fabricated from galvanized carbon steel for protection against corrosion. Standard load and travel testing were completed to ensure the quality and performance of these constants.
U-Type constant springs are commonly used in industrial applications where there is a need to support pipelines, ducts, or other structures subjected to thermal expansion or contraction. These springs are designed to provide a constant supporting force over a defined range of movement, typically in response to temperature changes. Here are some specific applications where U-Type constant springs might be used:

  1. Piping Systems: In industrial plants, refineries, chemical processing facilities, and power plants, pipelines are often subjected to temperature fluctuations due to the flow of hot fluids. U-Type constant springs can be employed to support these pipelines and compensate for thermal expansion or contraction, preventing excessive stress on the piping system.
  2. HVAC Systems: Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems often involve ductwork that expands and contracts with changes in temperature. U-Type constant springs can be installed to support HVAC ducts and accommodate thermal movements, ensuring structural integrity and preventing damage.
  3. Steam Systems: Steam distribution systems in industries such as power generation, food processing, and manufacturing also require support for piping subjected to thermal expansion. U-Type constant springs are used to maintain proper alignment and support in steam piping systems, preventing issues such as pipe stress and misalignment.
  4. Oil and Gas Pipelines: In the oil and gas industry, pipelines are essential for transporting crude oil, natural gas, and petroleum products over long distances. U-Type constant springs help support these pipelines and compensate for temperature changes, ensuring the reliability and safety of the transportation infrastructure.
  5. Process Equipment: Various types of process equipment, such as reactors, heat exchangers, and vessels, experience thermal expansion and contraction during operation. U-Type constant springs may be employed to support and compensate for the movement of such equipment, reducing the risk of damage and prolonging service life.

U-Type constant springs play a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity and reliability of industrial systems and equipment subjected to thermal expansion or contraction.

Constant springs are sometimes installed near rotating equipment such as pumps and compressors used in manufacturing, mining operations, utilities, oil and gas extraction, and cross-country pipelines. By providing constant support to piping leading to rotating equipment subject to both vertical and horizontal movement, these types of spring hangers help to decrease stresses imposed on rotating equipment, thereby extending the life of the bearings and seals within these units.

In our continued efforts to meet projects needs for operationally best in class design with the lowest cost and time to market we created the world’s smallest constant spring support.

Nano Constant
We have designed and built constants for not only refineries, LNG, geothermal plants, petrochemical plants, and renewable energy facilities. The use applications include coker replacement, debottlenecking of furnace operations, installation of a new VDU (vacuum distillation unit) heater, tube, and heater replacement, and flare gas recovery units where the installation of constant spring hangers helped to improve the efficiency of the system or process.

Constant spring supports alongside our portfolio of products are shipped worldwide from our Houston, Texas headquarters, where all our products are manufactured. We are open for plant tours. If you are interested, please let us know so we can schedule some time with your team.



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Variable Spring Support with Bronzphite® Slide Plates for a Facility in Canada

May 21, 2024

Variable Spring Support With Bronzphite® Slide Plates Designed For A Facility In Canada

PT&P manufactured these F-type variable spring supports for a facility in Canada. The springs are fabricated from A36 carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanized finish. The variables installed heights range from 11" to 15" and are designed for operating conditions up to 4,000 lbs. Bronzphite® is best suited for high loads, low-velocity applications and where the use of oil or grease is undesirable or not feasible. The bronze plate acts as the bearing surface, withstanding heavy loads, while the graphite inserts provide a solid, oil-free lubricant. Type F base springs are not typically designed for lateral loads, so slide plates such as Bronzphite® are employed to reduce the stress that could be imposed on the spring and pipeline by reducing the sliding friction between the spring’s load flange and the pipe shoe, trunnion or supporting steel. Also added to these springs are Internally Guided Load Columns which provide additional support for lateral loads. As with all of our variable supports, these were quality-checked with a 100% spring coil deflection test and a load cell calibration to set the assembly at the prescribed installed load.


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54" Dia. Pre-Insulated Pipe Shoes Custom Designed for a Pipeline in Texas

May 14, 2024

54&Quot; Dia. Pre-Insulated Pipe Shoes Custom Designed For A Pipeline In Texas

Pipe Shields/PT&P designed and manufactured pre-insulated pipe shoes for a 54″ diameter pipeline in a propane dehydrogenation unit within a chemical processing plant in Texas. The hot shoes are custom-designed with a wide base along with slide plates to accommodate lateral movement and axial movements of +/- 4 1/2″. We designed the hot shoes to include additional bolting along with bolting torque recommendations in order to help prevent slippage of the pipe inside the pipe shoe. We designed the supports to accommodate vertical loads up to 22,200 lb. and temperatures up to 1800°F. The outer part of the shoe was manufactured of hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel while the inner insulation material is 4″ thick high-density calcium silicate insulation.

Here’s a breakdown of their key purposes:

  1. Load Bearing and Movement: Insulated pipe supports are designed to carry the weight of the pipe while also accommodating necessary movement. This is important to prevent stress on the piping system and ensure its longevity.
  2. Insulation: In areas where regular pipe insulation cannot be installed, such as at support points, high density insulated pipe supports can both support the vertical load while providing a layer of insulation. This helps to maintain the temperature of the fluid flowing through the pipes and minimizes heat loss.
  3. Cost Efficiency: By reducing heat loss and minimizing the need for additional insulation materials, insulated pipe supports can help minimize the overall cost of field installation. Additionally, their pre-assembled nature saves installation time, further contributing to cost efficiency.
  4. Non-Welded Design: Unlike traditional supports that may require welding to attach to the pipe, insulated pipe supports are not welded. This simplifies installation and reduces the risk of damage to the pipe or insulation during the installation process.
  5. Shipment as Fully Assembled Units: Insulated pipe supports are typically shipped as fully assembled units, except for certain types like riser supports and anchor supports, which may require some welding during installation. This pre-assembly reduces the need for on-site assembly and ensures consistency in quality across installations.

Overall, insulated pipe supports offer a comprehensive solution for maintaining thermal efficiency, structural integrity, and cost-effectiveness in piping systems.


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