Custom Big Ton Springs Designed for a 122,000 lb. Load for a Chemical Plant

May 20, 2019

Custom Big Ton Springs Designed For A 122,000 Lb. Load For A Chemical Plant

Type: Big Ton Spring Supports
Size: 52-3/4″ L x 38-3/4″ W x 91″ H
Design: 121,916 lb. Load | 3/4″ Upwards Movement
Material: HDG Carbon Steel | Neoprene Coated Springs
Testing: Load Calibration Test | Hydro-tested

PT&P custom designed a big ton spring support for a chemical plant in Pennsylvania. The big ton will be used to support a vessel in excess of 121,916 lb. and a movement of 3/4” upwards. The dimensions for this unit are 52-3/4” L x 38-3/4” W x 91” H. The big ton spring support is designed to support large and heavy units such as compressors, vessels, and pumps in power and petrochemical plants. They are designed to allow limited movement in confined areas. By doing this, it saves the customer from having to entirely redesign the piping system and saves thousands of dollars. The big ton has an internal guide and special pedestal which was designed to meet the required height of the spring and withstand the hydro-test load. A load calibration test was performed before shipping.

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