Variable Spring Supports Designed for a Large Refinery Project in Texas

March 28, 2023

Variable Spring Supports Designed For A Large Refinery Project In Texas

PT&P manufactured 266 variable spring supports for a refinery in Texas. The variable spring hangers include chained travel stops for ease of disengagement and reinsertion during plant shutdowns. Variable springs (a type of Compression spring) are used in a wide range of applications (including various Low Carbon Capital projects, CO2 removal units, and Infrastructure improvements) to support the piping system. The variables are fabricated from carbon steel and hot-dipped galvanized to protect against corrosion. The PTP-2 variables were designed for loads up to 13,850 lb. and movements up to 0.1875” upwards. The PTP-4 variables were designed for a maximum load of 15,050 lb. and movements up to 0.8125” upwards. Each spring hanger underwent standard load testing and QC tests. PT&P also provided constant supports for loads that remain uniform throughout the deflection cycle and sway struts for controlling vibration and shock loading while restraining movement due to thermal expansion for this order.


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Custom High-Temperature Insulated Pipe Supports with Rollers for a Vaporizer

March 21, 2023

Custom High-Temperature Insulated Pipe Supports With Rollers For A Vaporizer

Pipe Shields, Inc., a division of PT&P custom-designed insulated pipe supports with rollers for high-temperature pipelines for a Vaporizer located in Malaysia. The “hot shoes” are fabricated from A36 carbon steel and include FireTemp 28 PCF & 18 PCF. The supports are 79” OD x 18” long x 87” high and designed with Hilman rollers for supporting the pipe from below while allowing it to move axially with minimum friction. Quality control inspections were performed before shipping.


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