Compact Spring Supports Designed for a Heat Exchanger at a Large Oil Refinery

March 5, 2024

Compact Spring Supports Designed For A Heat Exchanger At A Large Oil Refinery

These compact spring supports were custom-designed to support a heat exchanger at an oil refinery. They were designed to support loads up to 12,000 lb. and a movement of 0.039", with space limitations of 3"in height. These compact springs are fabricated from carbon steel and utilize engineered Belleville (disc spring) washers. 25% glass-filled (PTFE) slide plates are bonded to the top of the load flange and provide a low coefficient of friction. The DST Compact Spring Support is specifically designed to relieve excess loading on process equipment. Benefits: Minimizes excessive loads on sensitive equipment, same load for smaller working range (25-50% less space), ideal for locating under equipment flanges & reduces design time, maintenance cost and accidents.