Constant Spring Supports for an Oil Refinery in Texas

March 19, 2024

Custom Designed U-Type Constant Spring Supports For An Oil Refinery In Texas

Type: Constant Spring Supports
Material: Carbon Steel w/ HDG Finish
Design: 4,000 lb. Load | 3 1/2″-9 1/2″ Vertical
Testing: Load and Travel Tests

PT&P custom designed and manufactured ten 200 U-Type constant spring supports with slide plates for an Oil Refinery in Texas. They are fabricated from A36 carbon steel with an HDG finish for plates, angles, and cans. Its dimensions are 31" in height and 52" in length with 19" in width. They are designed for a movement of 3 ½" up to 9 ½" and an operating load of 1100 lbs up to 4800 lbs. They were custom-designed to match the box dimensions of a competitor. The units had a Standard Load Test performed prior to shipment.

Constant springs are sometimes installed near rotating equipment such as pumps and compressors used in manufacturing, mining operations, utilities, oil and gas extraction, and cross-country pipelines. By providing constant support to piping leading to rotating equipment subject to both vertical and horizontal movement, these types of spring hangers help to decrease stresses imposed on rotating equipment, thereby extending the life of the bearings and seals within these units.

For this application, our constants were designed and manufactured with carbon steel; however, depending on application requirements, such as a furnace, we can also provide constant spring supports utilizing stainless steel material, which accommodates high temperatures and corrosive environments. We created the world’s smallest constant spring support. Our nano constant is ideal for such applications:

Nano Constant