Constant Spring Supports Designed for LNG Service in Louisiana

July 7, 2020

Constant Spring Supports Designed For Lng Service In Louisiana

Type: B-Type Constant Spring Supports
Size: 11-5/8 W x 41” L x 19” H to 21” W x 88” L x 38” H
Material: A36 Carbon Steel | Hot-dipped Galvanized
Design: Operating Load Range: 3,170 lb. to 48,400 lb.
Movement of 3” to 8”
Testing: Q.C. Inspection | Load and Travel Tests

PT&P manufactured B-type constant spring supports for LNG service in Louisiana. These constants are fabricated from A36 carbon steel with alloy steel 5160 spring coils. The constants are designed for an operating load range of 3,170 lb. to 48,400 lb., and movements from 3” to 8”. They range in size from 11-5/8 W x 41” L x 19” H to 21” W x 88” L x 38” H. To avoid delivery delay, a standard frame was paired with an oversized coil and coil housing. The lugs were rotated 90 degrees from the standard to allow the hanger to swing beyond +/- 4” of side-to-side swing. Standard load and travel tests were performed prior to shipment.