Custom Technical Training Sessions – P.E. Credits

April 20, 2020

Boost Your Pipe Stress Engineering Expertise with PT&P Customized Virtual Training

While sometimes overlooked in the broad scope of equipment and engineering in an operating plant, Pipe Stress Engineering and knowledge of Expansion Joints and Spring Supports continues to be a sought after skill in industries dealing with high-temperature processes including Semiconductor, Oil and Gas, Chemical, and Power. PT&P’s customized virtual training options are offered free of charge and allow you and your team to develop these skills by having an understanding of the fundamentals of Pipe Stress Engineering and how the components used to manage Pipe Stress are designed, inspected, and maintained.

Piping Technology & Products would like to make sure we stay connected with key customers during this challenging time and find ways to continue supporting your business. While promoting social distancing measures to protect our employees and communities, we are offering online Zoom technical training sessions designed to benefit Engineers, Maintenance Planning, Reliability, Turnaround Planning, Vibration Inspection, and Operators/Technicians. The sessions count as PDH credit, and we offer training on a variety of topics, including the following:

Basics of Pipe Stress — Thermal expansion and methods of managing stress from thermal expansion

Spring Supports — Design of Spring Supports, Hot and Cold Settings, Appropriate use of travel stops

Dynamic Restraints — Applications of Sway Braces/Struts and design of Hydraulic and Mechanical Snubbers

Static Restraints — Types of Materials used for pre-insulated supports for insulation

Friction Solutions — Material selection for Slide Plates

Vibration Solutions — Solutions to reduce vibrations and noise, lowering maintenance costs

Contact Corrosion Solutions — Cost-effective corrosion management solutions

Expansion Joints — Overview of managing pressure thrust and squirming, types of movements, and movements supported by different types of expansion joints including Single, Universal, Hinged, Gimbal, Slip, and Fabric. Also includes an overview of the parts of the expansion joint and their purpose.

Please let us know what topic or combination of topics would be most useful to you and your team, and we would be happy to customize a training session for you. Would you be interested in participating? When would be a good time to set up a session?

We hope that you will find some value in this training opportunity and the other online resources we offer on our website (, such as our webinars ( & We are also available to provide assistance on any specific technical questions you might have if you would like to discuss ongoing projects or current issues you are facing.

Please let us know how we can be of assistance, and we hope you stay safe and have a wonderful day.