157 Embed Plates Designed for a Construction Company in Texas

January 30, 2024

157 Embed Plates Designed For A Construction Company In Texas

Type: Embed Plates
Size: ¾” x 14” x 18” | Nelson Studs: ¾” x 7”
Material: HDG Carbon Steel
Testing: Visual & Q.C. Tests

PT&P designed and manufactured 157 embed plates for a construction company in Texas. Embeds are essentially anchor bars used to secure steel to the concrete. The plate is ¾” x 14″ x 18″, and the Nelson studs are ¾” x 7″. All components are fabricated from carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanized finish. Visual and Q.C. tests were performed prior to shipment. This job was a 15-day turnaround in order to meet the customers’ construction schedule.

Embeds are usually set in concrete foundations, floors, or piers and are a key component in the construction industry for connecting steel to concrete. Virtually all “grass-roots” projects such as chemical, power, refinery, solar, food processing, mining, and green energy plants contain embedded steel as a part of its foundation. These can also be used in automotive, semiconductor, and now battery plants. We have the ability and knowhow to custom manufacture various sizes, types and can utilize different materials to meet our client specifications.

Our Houston based manufacturing operations allow us to meet tight delivery schedules at most project job sites allowing for cash flow management of the project and substantially reduced supply chain risk. Typically embeds and anchor bolts have time criticality considerations because the concrete construction teams must mobilize in a timely fashion so logistics and cost can be managed effectively.