Hold-Down Pipe Clamps for a Steam Methane Reformer (SMR) Supplying High-purity Hydrogen

September 23, 2020

Hold-Down Pipe Clamps Designed To Limit Vibration Caused By Rotating Equipment And Avoid Damage To The Surrounding Piping System

PT&P has extensive experience involving the custom design and fabrication of hold-down pipe clamps for piping systems and skid mounted units for the power, chemical, and refineries industries throughout the world. These hold-downs are custom designed to limit vibration caused by rotating equipment and avoid damage to the surrounding piping system. They are fabricated from carbon steel with a hot-dipped galvanized coating and include PTFE slide plates to reduce the friction between the pipe and clamp, combined with fabric pads to reduce vibration dampening. The hold-downs are designed for pipelines ranging in 2” to 16” diameter. They range from 3″ wide x 9-1/8″ long to 8″ wide x 25-3/4″ long, and designed for an operating temperature of 200°F. We performed a Q.C. visual inspection prior to shipment. PT&P can custom design and fabricate hold-downs for any pipe size application. In addition to hold-downs, PT&P also offers other types of vibration control devices to accommodate different pipe orientations and locations.