Hydraulic Snubbers Designed for a Steam Generator in Mexico

February 26, 2018

Hydraulic Snubbers Designed For A Steam Generator In Mexico

Type: Hydraulic Snubbers
Size: 24″ up to 30″ Pin-To-Pin | Cylinder Dia. 1.5″ to 3.25″
Material: Carbon Steel
Design: 3,000 lb. to 20,000 lb., with a 6″ Stroke
Testing: Standard Quality Control

PT&P designed Fig. 510 AD short strut hydraulic snubbers for a steam generator at a facility in Mexico. The snubbers ranged in length from 24″ up to 30″ pin-to-pin with cylinder diameters of 1.5″ to 3.25″. A total of 48 snubbers were fabricated from carbon steel and designed for an operating load ranging from 3,000 lb. to 20,000 lb., with a 6″ stroke. Snubbers are used for systems where unrestrained thermal movement must be allowed except during cyclic disturbance. Hydraulic snubbers are designed to protect the piping system when a sudden, heavy load is applied (such as an earthquake of high intensity), which can cause serious vibrations leading to damage and possible failure of the piping system.