6-1/2 Foot Diameter Custom Insulated Sliding Pipe Shoes for HVAC Service at a Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility

June 8, 2020

6-1/2 Foot Diameter Custom Insulated Sliding Pipe Shoes For Hvac Service In Oregon

Type: Insulated Sliding Pipe Shoes
Size: 78″ NPS | 12″ L x 90″ H x 85″ D
Material: HDG Carbon Steel | High-Density Calcium Silicate
Design: +/- 3″ Axial & +/- 1″ Lateral Movements
Operating Loads up to 88,000 lb.
200°F Temperature Pipeline
Testing: Q.C. Inspection | Visual & “Fit-Up” Tests

PT&P custom designed insulated sliding pipe shoes for HVAC service at a semiconductor manufacturing facility. The shoes are fabricated from A36 carbon steel and hot-dipped galvanized for corrosion resistance, and include insulating material consisting of high-density calcium silicate. The insulated sliding shoes are designed for a 78″ pipe size with overall dimensions of 12” L x 90” H x 85” D to accommodate +/- 3″ axial and +/- 1 lateral movement at a pipeline temperature of 200°F. This design can accommodate operating loads of 88,000 lb. with each shoe weighing approximately 1,200 lb. Our quality control department performed visual and “fit-up” tests for this “Rush” shipment. *image shows product during assembly