Micarta Block Assemblies Designed for a Vessel Application

November 16, 2018

Micarta Block Assemblies Designed For A Vessel Application In Texas

Type: Insulated Support – Micarta® Block Assembly
Size: 2″ H x 12″ W x 81″ L
Material: Micarta® | PTFE, 25% Glass-filled
Design: -454°F | Visual / Dimensional Tests

PT&P designed Micarta® block assemblies for placement beneath the saddle support of a vessel at an oil refinery in Texas. These insulated supports measure 2” x 12” x 81” and include PTFE, 25% glass-filled material bonded to the top of the Micarta®. Micarta® consists of glass fabric with an epoxy resin, which provides great insulating characteristics and superior physical properties. The blocks are designed to prevent cryogenic temperatures down to -454°F from transferring past the base of the support to the supporting steel or foundation. Visual and dimensional tests were performed prior to shipment.