U-Type Constant Spring Supports with Stainless Steel Slide Plates

September 30, 2020

 U-Type Constant Spring Supports With Stainless Steel Slide Plates

PT&P custom-designed U-type constant spring supports for an oil refinery in Texas. Constants can be utilized in refineries within blocks such as hydrogenation units, naphtha desulfurization units, and fluid catalytic crackers. The spring’s frame is manufactured from A36 carbon steel and hot-dipped galvanized to protect against corrosion. For instances where there was axial and lateral movement, 240 Gr. 304 slide plates were installed on the load flanges of the constants. The constants supplied are designed for an operating load ranging from 1,085 lb. up to 17,480 lb. and horizontal travel from 2.5” to 6”. The overall dimensions range in size from 17” H x 20” W x 31” L to 28” H x 26” W x 66” L. Load and travel tests per industry standards were performed prior to shipment.