Variable Spring Hangers Designed for a Plant in Texas

April 22, 2019

Variable Spring Hangers Designed For A Plant In Texas

Type: B-Type Variable Spring Supports
Size: PTP 100 & 200 | 3′ – 8′ ft. Height
Design: 4,000 lb. – 17,000 lb. Loads
Material: HDG Carbon Steel | Neoprene Coated Springs
Testing: Standard Load Test | Q.C. Tests

Piping Technology and Products, Inc. recently designed and fabricated B-Type variable spring supports for a plant in Texas. The operating loads range from 4,000 lb. to 17,000 lb. The variable springs are fabricated from galvanized carbon steel, have neoprene coated steel spring coils, and are designed to operate in environments up to 750°F. They have an overall height range from 3 ft. to 8 ft″. To ensure quality, standard load tests were performed prior to shipment.