Variable Springs for a Propane Dehydrogenation Unit in Texas

November 5, 2018

Variable Spring Supports For A Propane Dehydrogenation Unit In Texas

Type: Variable Spring Supports
Size: Accommodate Elevation Difference up to 11′-5″
Material: Carbon Steel | Hot-dipped Galvanized
Design: 20,000 lb. Load | 4,700 lb./in. Spring Rate

PT&P designed and manufactured over 50 variable spring supports for a propane dehydrogenation unit in Texas. The spring cans, rods, welded beam attachments, turnbuckles and clevises are fabricated from hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel. The variables can accommodate an elevation difference up to 11’-5” from the bottom of the steel to the connection of the pipe. They were designed for an operating load of 20,000 lb., a spring rate of 4,700 lb./in. and 0.007” upward movement. Standard load testing was conducted prior to shipping.