120 3/8″ Long Custom Variable Spring Supports with Four Individual Coils

March 11, 2009

120 3/8&Quot; Long Custom Variable Spring Supports With Four Individual Coils
120 3/8" Long Custom Variable Spring Supports with Four Individual Coils

These variable springs are custom designed from carbon steel material. The springs are fabricated with extra long housings to allow for a pre-compression lower than the standard. This ensured that the starting (cold) load of 26,745 lb. could be achieved. The springs are designed for a movement of 5.55″ downward, which would produce an operating load for each assembly of 38,305 lb. These springs are to be utilized in pairs together with a 22″ riser clamp to produce a 407″ total pipe hanger assembly length and an overall combined operating load of 76,610 lb.

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