126″ Long Sway Braces for a Power Plant

April 22, 2009
126&Quot; Long Sway Braces For A Power Plant
126" Long Sway Braces for a Power Plant
126&Quot; Long Sway Braces For A Power Plant
Sway Braces

These PT&P sway braces are fabricated from carbon steel and measure 126″ from pin to pin. They use an integral piston assembly with guide to eliminate any buckling and/or misalignment during extension and compression. The sway braces are designed for 10 1/2″ of travel and a load of 1,500 lb. A combination of standard spring coils is used to achieve the required spring rate of 150 lb./in.

Prior to shipment, a test was performed using a hydraulic ram. This test simulated actual field conditions and allowed the sway brace to move through the entire travel range in both compression and extension modes.

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