13,900 lb. Load Pipe Shoes and Bronzphite® Slide Plate

April 2, 2004
13,900 Lb. Load Pipe Shoes And Bronzphite® Slide Plate
13,900 lb. Load Pipe Shoes and Bronzphite® Slide Plate

Piping Technology and Products, Inc. recently designed and fabricated more than 75 pipe shoe and Bronzphite® slide plate assemblies for an oil refinery in Texas. Each assembly consists of two pipe clamps, a base plate and a maintenance free Bronzphite® slide plate. The pipe shoes with sizes ranging from 18 to 24 are fabricated from A387 alloy steel. They are designed for 965°F and 2 of horizontal movement.

The 3 x 3 Bronzphite® (graphite impregnated bronze) slide plates are self-lubricating bearing plates made of a high quality bronze with graphite filled grooves. They are designed for heavy loads, low velocity applications, and for situations where the use of oil or grease is undesirable or unfeasible.

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