20,500 lb Riser Clamps for a Power Plant

August 22, 2003
20,500 Lb Riser Clamps For A Power Plant
20,500 lb Riser Clamps for a Power Plant

PT&P recently fabricated 22 Fig. 190 Type 3 riser clamps for suspending the vertical runs of pipe at the central power plant in Puerto Rico.  The clamps are designed for 17″ and 24” pipes and have an overall length of 71″ and 87” respectively. Both designs have a bar stock size of 1.75″x10″ and load bolts of 2.75″ diameter. Utilizing gusset plates at the clamp’s bend radius allowed for the smallest, yet sufficient clamp stock size for the specified loads. The smaller clamp has an operating capacity of 14,000 lbs while the larger operates at 20,500 lbs. Chrome-Moy 387 Grade 22 bar stock was used with A193 Grade B7 bolting to accommodate high temperature operating conditions.

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