240 Welded Eye Rods for an Ammonia Plant

April 30, 2004
240 Welded Eye Rods For An Ammonia Plant
240 Welded Eye Rods for an Ammonia Plant

Piping Technology and Products, Inc. designed and manufactured 240 PT&P Figure 110 welded eye rods for an ammonia plant in Saudi Arabia. The rods will be attached to Type A variable springs designed to support loads from 850 lb. to 13,300 lb. Manufactured from A-36 carbon steel, the rods are 3/4 to 2 in diameter and range in length from 68 to 95. To prevent contamination at high temperatures, a red oxide primer with an alkyd topcoat was applied to the rods as per the customer’s request. Prior to shipment, a 100% dye-penetrant test was performed to ensure quality.

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