48″ Guided Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports for High Temperatures

June 24, 2009
48&Quot; Guided Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports For High Temperatures
48" Guided Pre-Insulated Pipe Supports for High Temperatures

Pipe Shields, Inc., a subsidiary of Piping Technology & Products, Inc., designed these pre-insulated supports for a pipe size of 48″. The clamp and base are fabricated from carbon steel that includes a hot dipped galvanized finish. The 4″ thick insulation is a high density calcium silicate. These guided supports allow for a maximum axial travel of plus or minus 4 1/2″ and have a vertical load rating of 7,100 lb. The operating temperature of the pipe may exceed 1,200ºF, therefore the hot shoes are designed for 1,700ºF. These heavy duty base mounted pipe supports are specially designed to be installed on four emergency diesel exhaust mufflers in a hospital.

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