60" diameter Flue Gas Duct

November 21, 2003

60&Quot; Diameter Flue Gas Duct
60" diameter Flue Gas Duct

Sweco Fab, Inc. designed and manufactured a Flue Gas Duct, weighing over 66,000 lbs. and 18′-5 in length, for an oil refinery in Detroit, Michigan. The duct is designed to transport hot gases from the regenerator to the flue gas cooler. The walls are 1/2 thick with a high-density vibracast refractory lining. The rest of the unit was fabricated out of carbon steel SA-516-70 and is designed for a maximum pressure of 51 PSIG and maximum temperature of 1450°F.

Leak examinations where performed on the unit after fabrication, which included a10 percent x-ray test, a100 percent dye-pen test and a hydrotest at 77 PSIG.

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